Sell your Property

Sell your Property

Sell your Property

Procedures for Selling a Property in Turkey

1: We need to see all relevant documents related to your apartment or villa including the title deeds, and habitation certificate. At the time of selling, the home must be debt free, for the land registry office to allow the transaction, so make sure all taxes are up to date, and bank loans and/or mortgages are paid in full.

2: We will come and see the property to give a realistic selling price. To maximise your profit, and makes your home more marketable, complete all maintenance jobs and paint the interior if needed.

3: If we mutually agree to market your home, we will take photos and add it to our website. You will need to make yourself available for viewing trips, sometimes at short notice. If you don’t live in Turkey, leave the keys with a trusted holder for us to contact them instead.

4: Upon finding a buyer, we will arrange the entire process and keep you updated throughout including the deposit stages and signing over the deeds.

What is the cost of selling my property?

If you have owned the property for five years or more, you are exempt from income tax. We charge estate agent fees for completing the process, and you will also need to fund individual costs like making sure all bills are paid up to date.

For more information and details on how to sell your property in Turkey, fill in the form on the left-hand side, and a sales representative will get in touch with you. Alternatively, email a copy of your title deeds, photos and further information to