Key Holding

We hold a minimum of 2 sets of keys to your property in our safe, making us your local point of contact for you and your clients. It provides access to the property for your authorized guests.

Regular property visits

We visit your property once a week ,  opening all windows and doors so as to air the property. We flush the toilets to avoid sour odours as well as looking for any damage. Give your plants water if you have any. Ensure the terrace is kept tidy and the gutters and pipes are free of blockage.

Bill and tax payment

We pay your utility bills, property and environment taxes and maintenance fee on your behalf with your authorisation.


We collect any mail from your postbox and forward them to your home address if required.


On your request we will attend owners association or community meetings on you behalf, voice any of your requests and update you on the meeting.

Damage control

We visit your property to check for damages after heavy rains or strong winds. If needed, our team respond immediately to all maintenance requirements.

Craftmen assistance

We advice you about any necessary repairs to maintain your property in good condition. We help you to find handy men, painters and craftsmen when needed.

Insurance assistance

We assist you for insuring your property at its cost and in case of insured damage occuring, take the legal action according to Turkish laws.

Preparing for your holiday

Before your arrival we prepare your home to spare your time. Also, we will make sure that all your appliances (gas, water, electricity) are in working order. If required, we arrange home cleaning at its cost, and fridge filling service before your arrival at its cost.